Azerbaijan and the United States: Partners in Peace

Azerbaijan and the United States: Partners in Peace


Azerbaijan and the United States enjoy shared values and interests. Both nations are at the forefront pushing regional security, economic and energy development, diversity and inclusiveness. Under President Ilham Aliyev’s leadership, Azerbaijan has emerged as America’s reliable regional partner at the world’s uniquely critical crossroads.

Azerbaijani servicemen serve shoulder-to-shoulder with American soldiers for a peace-keeping mission in Afghanistan. Azerbaijan provides specialized training for Afghani police, border guard officers and civilian and military medical doctors. President Aliyev stated Azerbaijan’s intention to expand its partnership with the Afghan national institutions in the future, highlighting the long-standing friendship between the Afghan and the Azerbaijani people.

It should also be noted that since the beginning of the American-led peace operation in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan made its infrastructure available to these operations and its transport infrastructure was used for transiting of non-lethal cargo for coalition forces in Afghanistan. As a key component of the Northern Distribution Network, Azerbaijan for many years has provided uninterrupted multi-modal transit for the coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Working closely with the U.S. Transportation Command and the Air Mobility Command, Azerbaijan extended important over-flight clearance, medical evacuation flights as well as landing and refueling operations for U.S. and NATO flights to support ISAF and RSM.

The roots of U.S.-Azerbaijan joint peace efforts have decades-long history. The Azerbaijani military has assisted over the years in American-led efforts in Iraq and in the Balkans.  Azerbaijan is an active participant of the international anti-terror efforts. Azerbaijan and the United States work together to counter nuclear proliferation and narcotics trafficking, and to promote security in the wider Caspian region and beyond. Azerbaijan’s military has also developed a fruitful cooperative State Partnership program with the Oklahoma National Guard.

Azerbaijan enjoys strong relations with Capitol Hill. The Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus has played an important role in fostering the growing partnership between the United States and Azerbaijan and advancing U.S. interests in the pivotal Caspian region. In recent years, Azerbaijan has intensified its outreach at the state and local levels.

Today, in addition to the Embassy in Washington, D.C., the Republic of Azerbaijan operates a Consulate General in Los Angeles and an Honorary Consulate in Santa Fe.

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