Citizens of Azerbaijan, who have adopted US citizenship

A citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who has adopted citizenship of a foreign country, shall provide written information to the relevant executive authority within a month according to the “Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

Voluntary acquisition of citizenship of another country by the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan is considered as the basis for the loss of citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan according to Article 18 of the Law "On Citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan", as well.

Required documents

  • Completed application (download)
  • Copy of the Azerbaijani passport
  • Copy of US naturalization document
  • A copy of a document indicating the address in the United States (for example, driver's license)
  • Photo 3x4 cm


  • Free of charge

How to apply

  • Only complete applications will be accepted.
  • Please, note that the Consular section of the Embassy accepts applications via mail only. The request must include a pre-paid return envelope (Express Mail, FedEx, UPS or DHL). The applicant is provided with a certificate confirming that the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the United States has been notified. The Embassy of Azerbaijan does not assume any responsibility for the loss of postal delivery. As the Embassy does not keep tracking numbers of your mail, you are advised to keep a record of it in order to track your mail returning to you. Please, send all the above-mentioned required documents to:

Embassy of Azerbaijan Attn: Consular Section,
2741 34th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20008

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