Message from Ambassador

Message from Ambassador

Welcome to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Washington, DC!

Standing at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations, Azerbaijan, a crucial juncture along the ancient Silk Road, is a home to an inclusive society proud of its diversity. From the alpine peaks and deep canyons of the Caucasus Mountains to the subtropical forests of Lenkaran to the shores of the Caspian Sea, the unique variety of Azerbaijan’s nature continues to inspire its poets and musicians – heirs to the heritage of the great Nizami Ganjavi and masters of the mysterious music of Mugham.

On May 28, 1918, independent Azerbaijan emerged as the first parliamentary republic in the Muslim world. It was crushed in 1920 by the Bolshevik invasion, yet during its short existence the country became the symbol of the Azerbaijani identity and the nation’s aspirations. In 1918, Azerbaijanalready granted its citizens equal rights regardless of ethnicity or religious affiliation, and equal voting rights to both men and women. Today, the citizens of Azerbaijan, which restored its statehood in 1991, are proud of this heritage and the progress made by the nation since regaining independence.

Over the last three decades, Azerbaijan, led presently by Ilham Aliyev, a reformist president, has emerged as America’s reliable regional partner, a key member of Euro-Atlantic initiatives and a recognized regional leader. Azerbaijani servicemen serve shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers in Afghanistan (and formerly in Iraq and the Balkans), and the nation is an active participant in international anti-terror efforts. Recognizing Azerbaijan’s approach to international affairs based on respect for international law and positive, mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries, an overwhelming number of United Nations member-states elected Azerbaijan to serve as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2012-13. In 2019, Azerbaijan was chosen to chair the Non-Alignment Movement, the largest international group after U.N.,

Baku, Azerbaijan’s amazing capital, combines both the nation’s ancient history and her quest for the future in an energetic vibrancy, which makes the city a top tourist destination and a beating heart of the wider Caspian region. The UNESCO - recognized site of the Old City is right next to the unique 9 miles-long Caspian Sea-side Promenade and the route of the Formula 1 Baku City Circuit, voted by fans as the most excited race in history of the competition.

Come visit Azerbaijan! Enjoy our nature, listen to our music, taste our cuisine and, most importantly, build new friendships and meet our people.

Azerbaijan offers great promise and we invite our friends to come experience it. As you learn more about our country and build partnerships with the Azerbaijani people, all of us at the Embassy stand ready to assist with your needs.

We look forward to seeing you in Azerbaijan!

Elin Suleymanov

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