Defense and Security Cooperation

Defense and Security Cooperation

Cooperation between Azerbaijan and the United States on defense and security is one of the main directions of bilateral relations, an impetus for political ties, and an additional basis for developing the capabilities of Azerbaijan’s institutions as a result of assistance programs.

The “Joint Statement on Future Relations in the areas of Defense and Military between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United States” dated July 31, 1997, and the “Joint Statement on cooperation in Defense and Military areas between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United States” dated June 30, 2000, gave an impetus to the development of bilateral military relations.

Since 2002, the United States has been providing its support to Azerbaijan in the security area. Assistance is provided through the Foreign Military Financing Program (FMF), International Military Education and Training (IMET), Capacity Building Program for Foreign Security Forces under “Section 333” of the Department of Defense since 2018, and other programs.

Cooperation on Afghanistan: Azerbaijan’s contribution to counter-terrorism activities, its participation in NATO operations in Afghanistan, and the creation of transit opportunities to support these operations are important components of this cooperation. Silk Way Company’s collaboration with the U.S. Transportation Command and its participation in transportation also made a significant contribution to the cooperation. Azerbaijan’s peacekeepers in Afghanistan were the last of NATO partners to remain in Afghanistan and played a significant role in the evacuation operations of Kabul International Airport.

Cooperation with the Oklahoma National Guard: Since 2003, dialogues have been conducted, and practical projects with the relevant agencies of Azerbaijan within the framework of the State Partnership Program have been implemented with the Oklahoma National Guard (ONG). The priorities of the partnership are increasing interoperability with NATO forces, dealing with emergency situations, expanding medical facilities, exchanging experiences in agriculture, and holding relevant events.

Bilateral Defense Consultations with the US Department of Defense: Bilateral Defense Consultations is a format established for dialogue and coordination of practical cooperation. Its meetings are held on a rotating basis in Baku and Washington. At the latest consultations held in Baku on December 5, 2018, increasing interoperability of forces, strengthening national capacity to participate in the UN Peacekeeping missions, cyber security, explosive ordnance disposal, military education, and teaching of the English language have been discussed.

Cooperation with the United States on a number of areas and programs should be emphasized: strengthening border security, the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, and the US Department of Defense’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, and NATO’s Individual Partnership Action Plan.

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